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Welcome to 1600 Poker Club

We are a community and family of like minded players who love a great game of poker. Whether you are new to "No Limit Texas Holdem" & "Pot Limit Omaha" or an old hand, we welcome all players looking for a great time. Please browse the site to familiarize yourself with how we do things. Whether you can only play one game a week or every game we host, we always provide lots of fun, laughs, and great games. We always look forward to welcoming new players and all we ask is that you follow the rules and be courteous to other players.

Our games are played on "World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets - Xbox Live"

* News & Events:

(9/25) REMINDER: our Sept Top 16 Tournament will be held tomorrow:
Friday 9/26/14 @ 7:00 pm EST / 12:00pm GMT


(8/31) Congrats to our August Top 16 Tournament Winners:


(8/14) OopsItsMeAgain will no longer be hosting any of our games.


(8/9) The 6:30pm EST / 11:30pm GMT has been moved ahead 30 minutes. From now on, that game will start at 7:00pm EST / 12:00am GMT. Check the Schedule for more details.


(8/1) Congrats to Bunzley for getting a Club Royal Flush and receiving 250 points!


(8/1) Starting this session, we are moving from the Top 21 format to a Top 16 format as previously explained a few weeks ago. Thank you for being understanding with the changes as we are simply aiming to make this a better game of poker for everyone.


(8/1) Congrats to our July Top 21 Tournament Winners:



(6/30) * Our games from here on out will be only 16 seats on a 1st come 1st served basis. If we end up with a high number of players that cannot get in, an additional "overflow" game will be hosted by INSANESTONECROW or one of the other available hosts.

Rules and points remain the same except for the "overflow" games

9 players: No bountys, 1st and 2nd place points only.
8 players or below: No bountys, 1st place points only.


(6/27) Congrats to our June Top 21 Tournament Winners:

3rd: OOPS


(6/1) Congrats to TOUGH TIMMY for getting a Spade Royal Flush and receiving 250 points!


(5/31) Congrats to our May Top 21 Tournament Winners:


(5/29) Don't forget, our May Top 21 Tournament will be held tomorrow:
Friday 5/30/14 @ 6:30 pm EST / 11:30pm GMT


(5/29) Everyone at 1600 wishes boiseablue¬†good luck at the WOSP 2014! Bring home a bracelet!


(5/19) We have made a change to our basic scoring system. 
1st place: 80 points
2nd place: 60 points
3rd place: 30 points

You must send the host a message if you take out a bounty or the bounty will receive the points. If no one claims the bounty points in a game, the bounty will receive the points.

(5/6) Congrats to the ladies for winning the Men Vs Women Game:
1st: Bunzley
2nd: Funkey Bean
3rd: I am Raymond

(4/27) Congrats to the winners of the April Top 21 Game:
1st: udTexas
2nd: Tough Timmy
3rd: Pinky P

Top 21 Game for May will be held on 5/30 @ 6:30 PM EST / 11:30 PM GMT

(3/23) Congrats to the winners of the March Top 21 Game:
1st: Pinky
2nd: JonV (Also got a Royal Flush)
3rd: KushStinkey

(3/23) Top 21 game will be held Friday 3/28/14 @ 6:30 pm EST / 11:30pm GMT.


(3/14) Much thanks to Pinky P for the help in hosting! Bunzly will be taking over for those games going forward.

Please remember, DO NOT invite banned players to our games. You can find a list of banned players at the bottom of the Admin Page


(3/4) Much thanks to Shake N Bake for the help in hosting! Bunzly will be taking over for those games going forward.


(2/3) Congrats to Carlos for winning the 6:30pm game for $10! Jorge came in 2nd and received double points.


(1/26) Don't forget, our Monthly Top 21 Tournament will be held on Friday 1/31 @ 6:30 pm EST / 11:30 pm GMT. Click on STANDINGS above to check your rank. Please let Bunzley know if you are in the Top 21 but will not be available to play.


(1/20) PAPADREAGEN55 will be hosting the 9am EST / 2pm GMT games on Sat and Sun. Until further notice, the 9pm EST / 2am GMT game has been removed from the schedule.


(1/4) Important Announcement: Games hosted by DemonDragon have nothing to do with 1600 Poker Club.


(1/4) Congrats to the winners of the Dec Top 21 Game:
1st: PINKY P
3rd: RESI


(1/1) Don't forget, our Top Tournament Game is on Friday 1/3 @ 7pm EST / 12am GMT and will be hosted by Bunzley


(12/29) The winner of the New Years Day Tournament @ 9pm EST / 2am GMT will receive $20.


(12/8) We would like to wish everyone who plays with 1600 a very Merry Christmas!


(12/16) Bunzley won the 800 MS Point Omaha Tournament and has donated the points back to hold a New Years Day Tournament, which will be hosted by DemonDragon. We will post more about this game when we figure out the time it will be held.

(12/8) The last Chrismas Tournament qualifier will be held on Wednesday 11/27 @ 9pm EST / 2am GMT. The winner of this game will also receive 800 MS Points.

We will then be taking a break after the Christmas Tournament. Normal games will start back up on Sat 12/28 at 9am EST / 2pm GMT.


(12/6) There will be an 800 MS Point game held on Dec 25th @ 9pm EST / 2am GMT hosted by Demon Dragon.


(12/6) Results of the November Top 21 Tournament are below. Congrats to the winners!

1st: SkinRaiders 1600 MS Points
2nd: PAPADRAGEN 800 MS Points
3rd: WRATH OF DANI 100 Rank points toward next session


(11/27) The Christmas Tournament will be held Friday 12/20 @ 7pm EST / 12am GMT.
All spots are filled. If you cannot make the Christmas Tournament, please send a message to Bunzley.


(11/27) Please do not invite banned players to the game. You can visit the Admin Page to check the list of banned players.


(11/24) Buford D White is now on the banned list. Please do not invite them to any games. Thanks!


(11/17) Congrats to Pam1959 for getting a Royal Flush in Spades!


(11/13) Congrats to Buford D White who has secured a spot in the Christmas Tournament.

The last qualifier for the Christmas Tournament will be held on 11/27 @ 9pm EST / 2am GMT.
Message Bunzley for a spot in this game.


(11/10) Results from Friday's Top 21 Tournament:

1st: Demon Dragon
2nd: JonV
3rd: Bunzley

Stormy Dad has also secured a spot in the Christmas Tournament.


(11/6) The Top 21 Final Tournament for October will now be held on Friday 11/8.